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Following the Emergency Orders of Governor Brian Kemp and Chief Justice Harold D. Melton, the Georgia Commission on Interpreters has decided to cancel the April – May Oral Certification Exams, Orientation Workshop, and English Written Exam. As a result, we at ASIT have cancelled all workshops until future notice.

Stay tuned for upcoming self-paced interpreter exam workshops.

Preparing Interpreters For The

Court Interpreter Exam


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Why Should You Take This Class?

A proven factor that can interfere with your ability to pass an exam is test anxiety due to lack of confidence. Our experienced educators understand this and will prepare you to eliminate this barrier in addition to provide you with the potential material covered on the exam. We recommend that the contents taught in our State Oral Certification Exam workshops should be studied over at least a three-week period. By signing up for an earlier workshop, you will grant yourself more time to practice the activities and improve your abilities. This will result in test taking confidence and increase passing rates. We encourage you to sign up early. 

Courses taught by experienced teachers and knowledgeable interpreters

Multiple activities for all modes of interpretation and translation

Small size

workshops for 



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